Carmine T. Guida

Hey, it's Carmine! I'm a programmer, musician and teacher from New York City.

Latest Release

Middle Eastern Rhythms for Practice
A collection of 11 popular Middle Eastern rhythms at various tempos with some jams thrown in for fun. Perfect for practicing with your drums, zills and dance drills.

Let's Try That Again!

I had a bit of a false start last year. I began working on Quintet 2, but then also started my Masters in Computer Science. I got a bit overwhelmed and I had to put working on games on hold for a bit. I also began teaching game design at Parsons (The New School) which has been an amazing experience! I'm really inspired and I miss working on an epic space game, so here I go! I've started from scratch today on Quintet 2. I want to document my progress so I'll be posting to the blog on my website and I'm hoping to make some Youtube videos once I have something that looks like something. Stay tuned!

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